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For health professionals COLORECTAL SCREENING

Organization of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme in the Czech Republic

In January 2009, the Czech Ministry of Health (MZCR) launched the nationwide screening programme focused on the early detection of colorectal cancer, thus adding another programme of cancer prevention to the nationwide breast cancer screening, which started in 2002, and cervical cancer screening, which was initiated in 2008. The Czech Ministry of Health has therefore met its commitment to provide qualified colonoscopy examinations at accredited screening centres, which meet the criteria of modern diagnostic methods.

The Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme in the Czech Republic follows the recommendation of the Council of the European Union from 2nd November 2003 (2003/878/EC), stating that all EU members should adopt organised screening programmes for breast cancer, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer. The Council of the European Union recommends the collection of data on preventive examination, subsequent diagnostic procedures and final diagnoses. These data should be used to monitor the screening process and the results should be made available to the public and to health professionals.

From the legislative point of view, the project is enshrined in the Decree no. 70/2012 Coll. of MZCR, stipulating the content and intervals of preventive examinations. Specifically, the criteria and conditions for colorectal cancer screening in the Czech Republic are defined by the Czech Ministry of Health Gazette No. 01/2009.

The Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme currently runs in several dozen accredited screening centres whose functioning is monitored and checked according to transparent rules. The programme course, adherence to the stipulated rules, as well as research activities linked to the project are overseen by two independent bodies:

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Last updated on 6 August 2014