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For the public COLORECTAL SCREENING Where can I be examined?

Where can I be examined?

Do you belong to the risk group of people aged 50+ and want to have an examination? Are you concerned about colorectal cancer and don’t want to take unnecessary risks?

See your gynaecologist or GP, who will:

  1. prescribe a free-of-charge faecal occult blood test (FOBT) for you (people aged 50-54 years: once a year / people aged 55 years and above: every two years)
  2. give you a referral to a gastroenterologist in order to undergo screening colonoscopy (people aged 55 years and above); the choice of a specific screening centre – and making an appointment – is up to you (you can use our list of accredited centres)

Practical tips

  • If blood in your stools is visible to the naked eye, don’t hesitate and see your doctor immediately.
  • If you fall within the age category of 50–54 years and have opted for the faecal occult blood test (FOBT) as colorectal cancer prevention, be sure to perform the test each year.
  • If you do not want to pay for the test, tell your GP or gynaecologist that you would like to undergo a free-of-charge examination (see Note). In the age group of 55 years and over, there are two options: either to carry on with FOBT (at two-year intervals) or to undergo primary screening colonoscopy every 10 years.

Note: In the Czech Republic, the following groups of citizens are eligible for colorectal cancer screening reimbursed from the public health insurance:
(a) men and women aged 50 to 54 years: faecal occult blood test once per year,
(b) men and women aged 55 and over: faecal occult blood test at two-year intervals, OR screening colonoscopy every 10 years.


Other cancer screening programmes (for women only)

Have you obtained a letter from your health insurance company, inviting you to participate in another screening programme?


Last updated on 2 February 2015